Candle & Product Care

Our soy blend candles, room sprays, and wax melts are hand poured in small batches. All sales on products are final. 

How do I properly burn my candle?

Candles should not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time. Keep away from all objects to avoid fire and avoid burning near fans at a high speed. Trim the excess wick before each burn to give candles a smooth and even flame. Not following proper candle care may result in soot, uneven burns, and damage. Please be sure to read the warning label located at the bottom of your candle. A Touch of Magnolia, LLC is not responsible for any damage from poor candle care. 

What can I use my room and linen spray for? 

Our concentrated room sprays are a flame free option that is perfect to freshen any room in your home. They may also be used on linen or as a car freshener. Please keep in mind they are concentrated and a little goes a long way. They are hand sealed to avoid leaks during shipping. 

In no way should this product be used in an oil burner or as a perfume on skin. A Touch of Magnolia, LLC is not responsible for any issues caused by improper usage.